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Let us see the ways to copy movies and music files to your iPhone. It is not possible to download movies from the net directly to your iPhone. You do not have the facility to copy movies from DVDs either. All you need to do is first transfer the movies to your computer and then transfer them on to your iPhone.Normal DVDs do not come in the correct format to copy the movies to your iPhone. They are to be converted to MP4 format before it can be transferred on to your iPhone. The best thing to do is transfer the DVDs to your hard disk in mp4 format. You need a computer system to transfer your DVDs to your iPhones. You need ripping software to rip the movies from the DVD on to your computer hard drive. Most of the ripping software can convert files to the MP4 just as saving the files. Once the files are found in the correct format it is then ready to be transferred to your iPhone. All you have to do us scan the files into iTunes and then they will be ready to be transferred whenever you next sync the iPhone with the iTune. This becomes basically easy if you already have the movies on your DVDs.However if you don’t have a movie of your own then you can download movies from the net. There are innumerable sites that help to download movies for a small price. Just like movies you can also get games and music for your iPhones. You have excellent value for money when it comes to downloading movies, games and music. But you need to be very careful when you download movies, games and music from the web. This is mainly whenever you download movies and music files on to your computer there are a lot of chances of downloading viruses along with it.You need to be extremely careful when you download movies from the net. You should see to it that your system is well protected and has a firewall facility in order to stop the entry of spyware and viruses on to your system. Also you can take care by going through real good websites that you can depend on to download your movies and music files. You should never go in for free downloads as this will definitely carry the viruses along with them and spoil your computer system.